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Home Safe, Office Safe or Business Safe

Regardless of what kind of safe you are looking for, what you want to store or where you want to store it – Lock ‘n’ Roll has the solution for you!

What Do I Need A Safe For?

While you may not immediately think that you need a Safe in your home, you might be surprised at all the reasons it is a great idea to have one installed.

Not only will a Safe keep any items of high monetary values secure, but it will also protect those items that it is hard to put a value on. A Safe is the ideal place to store the things that are either hard to replace or irreplaceable, such as important documents – passports, insurance documents, car documents or home deeds.

Keeping these in a Safe is not only the ideal solution to prevent them being lost or stolen but also to protect them from any potential damage if your home were to experience flooding or fire.

As for irreplaceable items such as family heirlooms, photographs or precious mementos, there isn’t a price to be put on keeping these safe in our homes.

Can You Install My Safe?

We have an extensive 20 year experience that qualifies us to be able to install your Safe.

The installation can take place in your home at a time that suits you, and all work will be carried out to the highest of standards.

Wall Safe

A Wall Safe is a popular option for securing documents, cash and small precious items.

These safes are a great option as they are easy to access and allow you to organise things at eye level making it quick and efficient to find the contents.

Wall Safes are also easy to keep hidden, providing that extra layer of security, as they can be concealed within the home and there is no awkward attention drawn to you when you access them.

Floor Safe

A Floor Safe is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables from theft or fire.

They are space saving, hard to detect and offer excellent security.

As they are encased in concrete, they also have the added benefit of being fire resistant, keeping your valuables safe and secure if the worst should happen.

They are also easy to conceal, providing peace of mind.

Free Standing Safe

Free Standing Safes have the benefit of being constructed from much heavier materials than wall or floor safes, meaning that it is the ideal place to keep high value items.

Due to this they also weigh more than floor or wall safes, giving them an extra layer of protection from thieves as they are not easily moved.

We Even Supply & Install Fire Proof Safes!

As you can tell from the name, the main benefit of investing in a Fire Proof Safe is that they are fireproof, keeping your valuables and important documents safe and secure in the event of a fire in your home as well as the protection from being lost or stolen. These are a great option which can come in variety of sizes.

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